I have a range of editing packages so you can find the right one for you, your book, and your budget. Contact me to learn more about my packages and to arrange for your FREE sample edit.


  • Light Copy Edit: This is a basic cleanup to fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. I will also ensure your manuscript conforms to guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style. I will read through your book at least twice.


At the end, you will receive a three- to ten-page editorial report. This will explain the changes I made to the manuscript and give tips about how to avoid these mistakes next time. Cost: starting at 1¢ per word.


  • Heavy Copy Edit: This package includes everything in the Light Copy Edit, along with fact-checking, etymology checks, continuity checks, and limited rewriting. I will leave comments in the manuscript with feedback and advice, and I will go through your manuscript at least two times.


Included with your edited manuscript is a four- to twelve-page editorial report with more detailed instructions and notes than with the Light Copy Edit. Cost: starting at 2.5¢ per word. 


  • Line Edit: Think of this as an intensive copy edit. Line Editing includes everything in the Light Copy Edit and Heavy Copy Edit packages, but it also includes deeper editing and rewriting. I will make improvements to pacing, structure, organization, and transitions and do more extensive rewriting and restructuring of sentences and paragraphs. This level of editing also includes feedback about scene and character details, assistance with character and plot development, and frequent in-text comments about other issues arising in the manuscript.


You will receive an eight- to sixteen-page editorial report explaining the changes I made to the manuscript with examples of how to avoid these mistakes next time. With this type of editing, I will also prepare a section with advice about how to adjust and enhance characters and plot during your rewrite. I will also be available for free email consultations during your entire rewrite. Cost: starting at 3¢ per word. 


  • Additional Round of Editing: I will conduct a second edit on sections, chapters, or your entire manuscript after you have completed rewrites or as you deem necessary in your process. Cost: 1¢ per word. 


  • Proofreading: Proofreading cleans up the scant errors remaining after previous edits and is usually done off of a typeset document. I will only proofread manuscripts that have been edited previously by a professional editor. Cost: $45 per hour.


  • First Fifty Pages Edit: It is common for literary agents and publishers to request the first fifty pages of your book. With this package, I do a Heavy Copy Edit of your text to correct basic errors, adjust wording and sentence structure, and give you notes in the text about plot, characterization, voice, content, and structure. I will also prepare a three- to eight-page editorial report with additional feedback and suggestions. Cost: $180.


Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity reading is a type of manuscript evaluation that checks whether characters are portrayed with authenticity, respect, and sensitivity and ensures books avoid harmful stereotypes and problematic language. It is also called “authenticity reading” and “cultural competency reading.” Contact me to learn more about my sensitivity-reading packages and the topics I cover.


  • Sensitivity Reading: This package includes comments within the manuscript and a four- to twelve-page editorial report with detailed notes and guidance about characters and plot points. Please contact me for a list of my areas of focus. Cost: starts at $400 for 60,000 to 90,000 words plus a 1¢-per-word reading fee. Need editing too? Get sensitivity reading free when you purchase a Line Edit or Developmental Edit package.


  • Sensitivity Reading Consulting: This is a service for people who need guidance as they are writing or rewriting their novel. It includes unlimited email access so you can ask as many questions and seek as much guidance as you need. I will also conduct a sensitivity read on up to forty pages per week. Please contact me for a list of my areas of focus. Cost: $125 per week or $400 per month. 



If you want to focus more on the overall content of your book, rather than the nitty-gritty details of copy editing, consider one of my evaluation packages. To learn more about these services and to discuss your goals for your book, contact me.


  • Manuscript Evaluation: This is a big-picture look at your manuscript. I will evaluate plot structure and the effectiveness of your beginning and ending, your characterization and character arcs, and dialogue and point of view, among other factors. I will gather the insights I collect during the multiple times I review your manuscript and incorporate these into a six- to eighteen-page editorial letter that will be your roadmap to writing your next draft.(Please note this does not include a copy edit.) Cost: 2¢ per word. 


  • Express Manuscript Evaluation (Fifty Pages): This option is tailored to authors on a tight budget or who are in the early stages of writing and want a professional’s first impression. I will treat this as a regular manuscript evaluation, just pared down to fifty pages. You will get a two- to eight-page editorial letter assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the sample with tips on how to get a stronger start and possibly avoid roadblocks farther into your story. (Please note this does not include a copy edit.) Cost: $135. 


  • Developmental Edit: When I conduct a Developmental Edit, I go from a big-picture view down to the details. I will examine plot structure, characterization, and point of view. I will target plot holes, along with extraneous characters and story threads. I will help you make sure characters are consistent, the plot flows well, and each page is compelling enough to keep readers turning to the next. Unlike the Manuscript Evaluation, each Developmental Edit includes many in-text comments with feedback and suggestions about specific passages. Please note this does not include a copy edit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With both this and a Manuscript Evaluation, I’ll read through your manuscript at least twice, you’ll get a six- to sixteen-page editorial letter with a formal overview of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and the information you need to make your next draft successful. Cost: starting at 4¢ per word. 



I can assist you with your marketing needs. If the project you want is not listed, contact me because I've probably written it before and can write it again.


  • Book Blurb, Author Bio & Log Line: One of the biggest mistakes I see is authors who pay for professional editing, but then they write their own book blurbs and sales handles that have errors and ineffective wording. This is one of the most important facets of book publishing because if you don’t hook readers with this marketing copy, they won’t purchase your book. I can write your book blurb, your author biography, and several options of log lines. This includes three rounds of revisions so you can get copy that you are 100 percent happy with and that will sell your book. Cost: $200. (This service is only available to clients who have purchased full editing packages.)


  • General Copywriting: Whether you need copy written for your website, marketing and promotional material for your book launch, blog posts, or something else, I’m available to fulfill your writing needs. Cost: $45 per hour.