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I need Erin in my creative life! She keeps me on track as a writer and has taught me a lot about coaching and supporting others. With her help, I'm able to maintain a high output, despite a significantly challenged schedule. She has a warm, gentle energy and a sardonic wit that makes her a joy to collaborate with!

Candice Onraët

OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I literally have tears in my eyes! I am BEYOND, just, oh my gosh, EVERYTHING. You are absolutely what I needed and didn't know I needed.

Sheila Bliss 

Your edits make me a better writer. Your feedback is invaluable to my writing. I know what to focus on next after every conversation, and each step gets me more knowledge, confidence, and inspiration! Thank you!

Erin Mandell

Erin is the editor authors dream to meet but seldom do. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and intuitive. Her gifted ability to polish our language and punctuation is like adding jewelry to that little black dress. Her professional touch naturally makes the written word sparkle.

Jo Ann Glim

Winner, Royal Palm Literary Award

Writing my first book, I felt overwhelmed with ideas. I was really impressed by the thought and care that went into the Developmental Edit with Dot and Dash. The feedback was communicated in a kind and direct way that left me feeling capable and confident.

Laura Adrian

Dot and Dash, LLC, provides a sturdy rudder in the seas of self-doubt and procrastination that afflict the life of a writer.
Holly Augustine

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