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Hey, fantasy & science-fiction writers—this is your one-stop cure for your worldbuilding needs. To write a successful fantasy or sci-fi story, you need to have your setting and the world in which your characters live be fully developed.

Dot and Dash's Worldbuilding Bible includes 23 pages and 64 individual prompts to help you explore and construct your fantasy or science-fiction world.

Here are some examples of the subjects included:
1. Magic
2. Technology
3. Entertainment
4. Politics
5. Family
6. Language
7. Food
8. History
9. Races & Species
10. Topography

And many more!

This workbook is going to hold all of your ideas in one place and be a quick and easy reference for you as you draft your book.

You can either print it off for a hard copy or fill it in digitally.

How to Order:
1. Purchase the listing
2. Download the workbook instantly
3. Save to your computer and go!

Due to the instant nature of the download, no refunds will be made.

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Worldbuilding Bible Workbook

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