The One-Month Novel Workbook is your guide to jumpstart your book. This 64-page book is fully stocked with worksheets on topics covering:


  • Plot & scene building;
  • Character building;
  • Setting creation;
  • Point-of-view selection;
  • Writing success guides;
  • Word-count trackers; and
  • Self-care ideas.


These are just some of the worksheets we include:

  • "Premise Checklist";
  • "Hero's Journey Structure" and other plot formats;
  • "Storyboards";
  • "Character Profile";
  • "Character Types";
  • "Character Conflicts";
  • "Setting Guide"; 
  • "Setting with a Purpose";
  • "Word-Count Tracker with Rewards"; 
  • "How to Stay Focused";
  • And many more.


These print copies are mailed with free shipping. (Someone will be in touch to get your address.) We do have an ebook-only option here.


The One-Month Novel Workbook (print & instant download)