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The Novel Planning Workbook has everything you need to plot, plan, and write your book. This 70-plus-page fillable ebook is fully stocked with novel-writing worksheets on topics covering:


1. Premise building

2. Plot & scene building

3. Character creation

4. Setting creation

5. Point-of-view selection

6. Word count trackers

7. First-draft checklists


These are just some of the worksheets included:


✏️ Character Profile

✏️ Character Conflicts

✏️ Premise Checklist

✏️ Storyboards

✏️ Story-Ending Questions

✏️ Setting Guide

✏️ Scene Checklist

✏️ Novel Checklist

✏️ Word-Count Tracker with Rewards

✏️ And many more.


Set yourself up for success with this all-in-one fiction-writing resource that takes you from your first flashes of inspiration to a cohesive plan for your plot, characters, and setting.

Novel Planning Workbook

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