The Novel Planning Workbook has everything you need to plot, plan, and write your book. This 70-page printable ebook is fully stocked with novel-writing worksheets on topics covering:


1. Premise building
2. Plot & scene building
3. Character creation
4. Setting creation
5. Point-of-view selection
6. Word count trackers
7. First-draft checklists

8. And more

These are just some of the worksheets included:


✏️ Hero's Journey Structure and other plot formats
✏️ Storyboards
✏️ Venn Diagrams
✏️ Topics to Research
 ✏️Character Profile
✏️ Character Types
✏️ Character Conflicts
✏️ Setting Guide
✏️ Setting with a Purpose
✏️ Word-Count Tracker with Rewards
✏️ Novel Checklist
✏️ And many more

How do I access my workbook?
After payment, you will be prompted to download the digital file, which you can then print.

Novel Planning Workbook