Hey, romance writers: Now there's a social media content calendar specifically for you! Get 365 days of ideas and prompts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and all of the inspiration you need for an entire year's worth of posts, lives, and stories. And, each prompt comes with ready-to-use hashtags.

Plus, each calendar comes with BONUSES you’re gonna love:
• A list of 200+ Instagram hashtags for romance writers
• 20% off an Author Platform Review (learn more here: https://www.dotanddashllc.com/author-profile-review)
• 20 exclusive, customizable Canva images to use with your social media posts.

Unlike other calendars, the Social Media Content Calendar for Romance Writers gives you specific prompts like "Write about what an ideal summer vacation would be for one of your characters. #SummerVacation #VacayMode” instead of the too basic "Talk about a subject in your book." This calendar takes the hard work out of coming up with fresh ideas every day and instead directly primes your creativity so you can make high-quality posts in less time, giving you more of your day to actually write.

How to Order:
1. Purchase the listing.
2. Download the calendar instantly.
3. Save to your computer and go!

Due to the instant nature of the download, no refunds will be made.

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2021 Social Media Content Calendar for Romance Writers