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See Your Success: How You Can Use Manifesting in Your Writing Practice

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It feels impossible to go a single day without someone singing the praises of manifesting your dreams. Whether you firmly believe in this and do it in your life or you think it’s a bunch of hooey, there is a basic part of manifestation that I think you’ll find beneficial to your writing practice—and you can do it without making a vision board or posting inspirational quotes to Instagram.

Ask yourself: What is your publishing goal? What does it look like?

I want you to see your future publishing success now. Envision it. Feel what it will feel like deep in your bones.

This is why:

The more you see your success, the more you’ll focus on your success.

The more you focus on your success, the harder you’ll work toward your success.

The harder you work toward your success, the higher the likelihood you’ll reach your success and the sweeter your success will taste.

I practice what I preach, and here’s an example of how I do this basic tenet of manifesting in my own life:

I am currently growing my business so I can earn more money, in part because I want to move into a nicer apartment building—not just any building, to the Eitel Apartments in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You have to get specific with seeing your success, so I am specifically seeing myself moving into the Eitel Apartments. To do this, I take my dog for walks by this building (which, thankfully for my dog, is only a few blocks from where I currently live). And as I walk by there, I picture myself living there, sitting on one of the balconies or standing in a window. Sometimes when I’m taking a shower in my current apartment (with water that takes for-eh-ver to warm up), I imagine I’m taking a bath in the deep bathtub in my new apartment with obnoxiously hot water (and a bath bomb from Lush while I’m at it).

How do you see your success?

You could go to your local bookstore and picture your book displayed in the front window. See it propped up next to books by your favorite authors. Or you can go to your local library, and as you are perusing the shelves, you can imagine someone picking out your book. And on days you can’t go to these places, you can close your eyes and imagine the scene. You’re an author. You’ve got a good imagination!

To find out how Erin can help you find success with your writing project, email her at

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