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Meet our New Editor, Brenna Davies!

I am so happy to announce the new member of the Dot and Dash team, Brenna Davies! Brenna is a full-time book editor who lives in Alberta, Canada. She edits fiction and memoir for independent authors, and she has experience in both YA and adult fiction across the board, including contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction.

She has her editing certificate from Simon Fraser University and is a member of Editors Canada. She is joining Dot and Dash as a copy editor and beta reader, and I am so excited to have her on board.

I asked Brenna some questions so you can get to know her better.

Brenna Davies standing in front of a blue and pink background
Here she is, folks. This is Brenna Davies!

1. Tell us a little about your experience in the publishing industry.

My experience in the publishing industry started with an internship at a small Canadian press called Patchwork Press. While I was working there, I opened my own editing business and started to gain my own clients. Since then, I have worked with many independent authors, and now I work with a couple of publishing houses, as well. Publishing is a wonderful industry to work in; I have the privilege of working with amazing people and reading some truly wonderful stories. I couldn't wish for a better job.

2. What made you want to join Dot and Dash?

I wanted to join Dot and Dash because Erin is an inspiring entrepreneur and editor, and I wanted to work with her. I admire the work she does editing specifically for women, and I wanted more of that in my career.

3. What's your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is helping people realize the full potential of their stories. I like working behind the scenes to help the author's work shine.

4. We hear you have a podcast. Tell us about that.

My fiancé and I run a podcast called The Hobby Shelf. It's a biweekly show about books, boardgames, and anything else we're interested in. We are currently on hiatus, but we will be back in March!

5. What's a fun fact about you?

I'm a bit of a traveler with a persistent case of wanderlust. I've been to over twenty countries, and I lived in Scotland for six months. I need to scratch that travel itch as often as I can!

Here is where you can find Brenna online:

Twitter: @EditorBrenna

Instagram: @editorbrenna


And here's the website for her podcast:

Erin Servais is the founder of Dot and Dash, LLC, an author-services company focusing on women writers and offering a range of editing, coaching, and social media packages.

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