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Esha Estar New Book Release

Dot and Dash Client, Esha Estar, Releases a New Book on Accepting and Honoring the Pain of Loss

A year and half after the devastating losses of COVID-19 began, so many are in mourning on a personal and global level. Everyone experiences powerful grief at some point in their lives, and yet we often fail to talk about it or address the depths of the emotions. Esha Estar offers a unique and powerful journey on facing loss in her new book, The Wisdom of Grief: Embracing Loss with the Heart.

This is Estar’s second book exploring grief and ways forward through it. Esha Estar is a grief shaman, integrative spiritual healer, yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist, author, and mother of two. After her own life was touched by hardship, Estar endeavored to challenge narratives surrounding grief and healing. She gives a personal account of her own grief story and reveals how it’s okay to embrace every aspect of your feelings during the process.

Estar states, “Anyone who has experienced loss of any kind will benefit from this book. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to be with all the colorful and painful emotions that grief can bring up, and this book gives anyone who is experiencing grief an opportunity to say, ‘I give myself permission to acknowledge and to feel.’”

Emotional health is more important than ever in an increasingly complex world and in a COVID landscape. Dot and Dash was thrilled to work with Estar on editing her powerful message of hope and acceptance. One of the most fulfilling parts of being an editor is helping an author’s words come together and touch lives. This book peels back the shame attached to heartache and loss and lets others feel seen in its pages.

Esha Estar’s book The Wisdom of Grief: Embracing Loss with the Heart can be found in the link here.

Dot and Dash offers editing services to empower women and nonbinary writers through positive and collaborative feedback and helps them reach their publishing dreams. Please reach out to us at for further information on our services.

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