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Dot and Dash Client, Piper Malone, Releases Novella Trio

Ideal Beach Read about Some Beach Boys

Happy September! As the summer has drawn to a close, Dot and Dash is thrilled to support one of our clients, Piper Malone, as she finishes releasing her novella series of fun and witty romances following three brothers who work on a beachside boardwalk, selling all sorts of yummy, high-calorie delicacies. The books are a breezy blast to sit down with and will scratch that feel-good itch as we head into the fall.

Malone originally based this series on her own encounter with a handsome man at the beach. She says, “Once upon a time at a grocery store, I saw a guy stacking cases of soda . . . The guy was hot-hot. He had a man bun, strong arms, handsome. Soda Guy was my quick sip of sugary goodness while trudging through my massive food order. I told a friend about him, and the Soda Guy became a topic of conversation over and over again. While he might never know it, that hottie sparked my desire to pair romance and delicious treats. Years later, I still smirk when I peruse the beverage aisle.”

Malone has officially married these interests into her series: treats, the beach, and a guy that makes you drool (just a little).

The first story follows The Pizza Guy from Beachside, who falls for a rival business owner, a long-boarding woman trying to prove herself in the boardwalk business. The second book is all about The Fry Guy from Beachside, a man set on staying in constant motion as he opens up his own fry shop. Things slow down as he finds himself faced with a high-school crush who has returned home to recover from an injury, and a second-chance-romance unfolds.

The final entry in the trilogy follows the youngest brother, The Donut Guy from Beachside, as he’s smitten by an ice-cream truck driver with spunk but is kept apart by her boss in this sweet treat of a story.

Piper Malone is an award-winning author who loves writing deeply romantic tales infused with passion, friendship, and a few laughs. She is a mom and teacher with a serious love for car karaoke, Harry Potter, adventures, cake, and her adopted dog, Swiss.

Malone has also had a long love affair with the beach, itself. She comments, “While I have published beach stories in the past, I wanted to experiment with writing romantic comedies in a town that held all the charm of my favorite vacation spots—Ocean City, Maryland, and Bar Harbor, Maine. I always had a great time in both locations, and I wanted to recreate some of that fun for readers. I also wanted to create a place where we could escape from the difficulties of the past year.”

Dot and Dash was happy to work with her throughout the editing process. You know it’s going to be a good project when you’re still laughing throughout the last pass. Working with romance authors is especially fulfilling because we agree it’s wonderful to have an escape that brings hope and humor to a world that sometimes feels lacking in those. It is a pleasure to help!

Malone says, “I have worked with Dot and Dash on six different projects over the past two years. During those projects, every aspect of the writing process was supported and engaged.

“I struggle with sharing a new project for editing. It’s hard to give your creative work to someone else for feedback. Since working with Dot and Dash, that anxiety has lessened significantly. I am confident that my work will be received professionally and treated with respect.”

We’re happy to work with you, too, Piper! We wish Piper Malone the best going forward and hope you’ll join us in congratulating her and celebrating her work.

Dot and Dash offers editing services to empower women and nonbinary writers through positive and collaborative feedback and help them reach their publishing dreams. Please reach out to us at for further information on our services.

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