Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Are you tingly down there? No, not there! Your hands. I know a lot of you are working from home, and maybe you don't have a regular office setup right now. So maybe you aren't able to sit with your arms at a ninety-degree angle with posture that would make Aunt Brenda proud.

If that's true, you could start feeling tingling in your hands and dull, aching pain in your fingers. These are signs that you are getting too much pressure on your median nerve.

I've had trouble with carpal tunnel for years and have been through hand therapy twice. To help with it, there are two sets of exercises that I do every day. I thought I'd share them with you in hopes they may help you too. You can see them on the video below.

(Please note I am not a medical doctor, and this should not be considered official medical advice. )

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