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Q & A with Romance Author C. M. Albert

Cover of The White Room book has a woman with brown hair and red lips wearing black lingerie

Contemporary romance author C. M. Albert is out with another book, a verrrrry steamy collection of vignettes called The White Room. Her previous novels have brought her to the USA Today and Amazon best seller lists. I’d like to say I had a little help with that because I’ve edited all of her novels and novellas, but I know all the credit goes to her authentic, heartwarming characters and storytelling. She even found a way, in the middle of an intense, spicy sex scene in The White Room, to make me clutch at my heart and go “Awww.” The woman is amazing!

The White Room is out now and is available on Amazon and for free on Kindle Unlimited.

You can check out her other books here on Amazon.

You should also follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

Here’s my Q & A with C. M. Albert about her new release, her writing process, and more. Enjoy!

What is the premise of The White Room?

The premise was built around a fictional room—more like a luxury suite, really—where any and all fantasies (of the carnal variety) can come true. There are rules to keep clients safe. It’s an exclusive, by invitation, membership-only experience for those who can afford the cost of “playing.” A place where, if clients are willing to let their guards down and be open to the experience, their wildest dreams can come true in a safe way. No names. No commitments. Two hours.

How is this book different from your others?

It is a LOT steamier. From cover to cover, the characters dive in quickly and live up to the expectations of the White Room and living out their fantasies. It was an exceptionally vulnerable book to write because of all the intimate scenarios I put my clients in. They aren’t all experiences I’ve actually had myself, so I really had to stretch my writing chops to make it deeper than “just sex” while making those scenes especially enticing. With my other books, there are bits and parts of me woven in and are much more relatable on a day-to-day basis. But the whole fantasy of the White Room is to let your inhibitions go and my characters do.

What is your writing process?

I’m definitely a panster. As someone who’s highly intuitive, it’s hard for me to plot too heavily. It sounds hokey, but I truly do “listen” to my characters. Once I’ve brought one to life, they just seem to take over. I’ve learned long ago not to force my characters because they’re just going to do what they want to anyway. Although I’m more of a “panster”—as in I fly by the seat of my pants instead of plotting every twist and turn from A to B—I do know in general where the story is heading and what major things I need to have happen; I’m just flexible if they happen a little differently than I first wanted them to.

Did you do anything differently when you wrote this book?

Um . . . eh-hem . . . I did a lot more research. We’ll just leave it at that. Haha!

Does writing get easier the more books you have published?

It does, actually. I don’t sit down and write every single day, because I’m also a stay-at-home mom and own an energy healing practice, so I need the flexibility. But I do find that the more I write, the easier it comes. I get into my characters more quickly. And I can write faster now than before I published. That being said, I don’t ever want to get stale, formulaic, or predictable in my writing, so I will always push myself to write different types of stories so I can keep learning and growing.

Do you have any books in the works?

To say the least! I now have two spin-off series I’m creating from The White Room that I hope to start publishing this year. I also have two more series in the works (a cozy mystery called Drowning in Guilt and a new adult series that includes characters from my Last Night in Laguna book). I also have about ten covers already designed that are just waiting for stories to be written and “blurbs” written for another dozen stories. I’m inspired daily with ideas. I just can’t write quickly enough.

My priorities for the rest of 2018 are to finish the first book in my new White Heat series (a White Room spin-off that dives deeper into each character before, during, and after their experience there), Can’t Buy Me Love (a billionaire, enemies to lovers, contemporary romance), Drowning in Guilt, and book one of a top-secret trilogy I’m co-authoring; it’s a dystopian/paranormal/elemental magic book with a strong romantic theme. That one will hopefully be out by the end of this year, as it’s already over halfway written. So . . . lots more to come!

What does your writing workspace look like?

I actually moved last summer to a lake because the energy felt so good there and I was completely inspired to write on my patio or the dock. So my writing space is never consistent. The one thing I have noticed when I write indoors is I either like to write in my bed or curled up in one of two club chairs we have. My favorite right now is one I have in my Reiki room where I do my energy work; it looks out over an acre of land with a gorgeous red Japanese maple in the line of sight. I could sit there and write all day. I do find I don’t do well with noise and distraction while writing—so coffee houses sound more romantic in theory than they are in practice for me. I usually have to put headphones on and tune everything else out.

Who is your favorite character in The White Room and why?

I have to pick just one? It’s like choosing a favorite kid. My favorite couple is Avaline and Dom. Avaline was inspired from the cover model, and I just felt her energy so quickly. And Dom. Le sigh. My alpha MMA fighter who likes breaking the rules but has a sensitive side when it comes to Avaline.

Other than my power couple, I actually loved writing Adelaide Eckleberry (she goes by Raine in the White Room). She’s not one of the Wells Six, but I have a soft spot for her. She is really funny. And I’m dying to write her White Heat spinoff book where she has to decide between two brothers, whom she will also learn are the brothers to one of her closest friends. There’s so much room for trouble there! And I have a huge crush on Professor Simon Ellison. Because . . . well, he’s a lit professor with a sordid past who looks like Dr. McDreamy. (Instant panty wetter!) He also will have his own series! I can’t let him go quite yet.

Who will enjoy reading The White Room?

I think anyone with an open mind who loves steamy books will enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of explicit, “open-door” love scenes, though, then this definitely isn’t the book for you. But those who love billionaires, alpha males, strong female characters, diversity in characters and sexual proclivities, and classy, but sexy AF, love scenes will love The White Room. My intention was to create a variety of partners and fantasies so that there’s something for everyone. I envision readers going back and rereading their favorite chapter when they need a little “rev me up.” Haha! That said, The White Room is definitely not just sex. There is a depth, sensuality, and light-heartedness to the stories despite how steamy they are. I personally don’t love crass, heartless sex scenes, even in steamiest books I read. So I tried to write characters who, even though they are having a one-night stand essentially, learn something about themselves behind the closed doors of the White Room.

Where can people purchase your books?

All my books can be purchased through Amazon. Faith in Love, Proof of Love, and Last Night in Laguna are all on Amazon Kindle only. No paperbacks, sadly. The White Room is also on Amazon Kindle and is available today; the paperback is coming in the next few weeks, which is exciting because I can finally hold one of my books in my hands.

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