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20 Writing Prompts for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to get inspired to write. Between the crisp starkness of snowy scenery to the emotions around holiday traditions, there is plenty to draw from to ignite your creativity.

Here are twenty winter-themed writing prompts to jump-start your seasonal writing.

1. First Snowflake

2. Snow Globe

3. One Gift

4. Mistletoe

5. Carolers

6. Ornaments

7. Ice

8. Gingerbread Village

9. Always Winter

10. Letter to Santa

11. Christmas Cat

12. Awkward Photo

13. New Tradition

14. Snowball Fight

15. Store Window

16. Frozen Waterfall

17. Snowman Contest

18. Snowstorm

19. Igloo Adventure

20. Toy Store Brawl

Happy holidays and happy writing!

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