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In this 90-minute strategy session, you’ll sit down with Dot and Dash author coaches, Erin Servais and Jacquelynn Lyon, to talk through all angles of your story idea. Then we can help you fill in the gaps and give you feedback so you can start the contest knowing you have an idea that works and all of the pieces you need to be successful and “win” the big contest this year.


Here are some things we can discuss:

character development: We’ll work with you to create dynamic characters that play well in the plot.


plot development: We’ll help you build a three-act structure with scenes that build upon each other to lead to a thrilling or heartfelt climax.


setting creation: Whether you need tips for worldbuilding for fantasy or sci-fi (and enjoy your FREE copy of our Worldbuilding Bible) or scene-setting for romance, mystery, or another genre, we can assist you in inventing a small town or entire universe that gives depth to your story and sets it apart.


the actual writing bit: Erin is a certified goal-setting coach. Let her show you methods and tricks to help you focus on your project and stick to your writing schedule. (Plus, you’ll get access to our Writing Accountability Group.)


You’ll also get for absolutely FREE:

Novel Planning Workbook

Worldbuilding Bible

November Social Media Calendar for Writers

word count tracker

Price: $150

November Novel Writing Kickoff

November Novel Writing Rescue

Characters misbehaving? Plot stuck in the mud? Sign up for an in-depth author-coaching session with Erin Servais and Jacquelynn Lyon designed to help you overcome whatever obstacle is in your way so you can get back on track with your word-count goals.


We can help you with:

flat characters

sluggish plots

missing settings

concentration problems

writerly motivation

Price: $100

(Includes a free copy of the Novel Planning Workbook.)

November Coaching, Full Month

Looking for ongoing coaching throughout the contest? Get the 90-minute kickoff strategy session plus three 60-minute sessions, where we can laser in on exactly what you need help with, week by week. Each session comes with both Erin and Jacquelynn.


You’ll also get for absolutely FREE:

Novel Planning Workbook

Worldbuilding Bible

2020/2021 Social Media Content Calendar for Writers

word count tracker


Plus, a $50 credit toward a future coaching session.



Sessions only: $400

Sessions + twice weekly email/text accountability check-ins: $565

Sessions + daily email/text accountability check-ins: $750

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