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How to Write an Entire Novel This November

(Even if It’s Your First Time)



Approximately 90 percent of people who sign up for November’s novel-writing contest don’t finish. Can you believe it? A whole 90 percent! 


That means hundreds of thousands of people sit down on November 1st with a great idea and lots of good intentions, and almost no one types “the end.”






They almost all fail because:

  • They don’t prepare fully enough before they start.

  • They don’t have an accountability partner.

  • They don’t have a reward system set up and a plan to deal with distractions.

  • They don’t have a professional editor and publishing expert in their corner cheering for them, coaching them, and answering every and any question they may have along the way.


Imagine if you weren’t one of those people above. What if you actually won? What if we fast-forwarded to November 30th, you’ve hit 50,000 words, and you go out with your writing buddies to celebrate? (Save a piece of cake for us!)


Imagine how it will feel to hold your very own manuscript in your hands. Imagine what it will be like to show it to your friends and post about it on social media and have them know you are one of the elite few who succeeded. Then they’ll start seeing you as the expert. You’ll be the one they want to be like when they try, yet again, to finish their book next year.


We know you can do this. We’re already holding a gold star sticker for you, friend, because we see your incredible potential. We can tell you have the desire and the ability. If you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now.


Yes, you can write an entire novel this November.


And we can help.


Dot and Dash has a new, multifaceted coaching and support program that is sure to help you write your book. It’s called NaNo Survival & Success. And here’s what it includes:


👍 A 64-page workbook loaded with worksheets to help you plan and outline your novel ($27 value)

👍 4 one-on-one coaching sessions over phone or Skype (30 minutes each, a $160 value)

👍 Comprehensive email coaching to guide you from the planning stage through your rewrites (up to 5 hours, $335 value)

👍 Motivational emails throughout October and November with writing tips, NaNo survival skills, and inspiration ($30 value)




And that’s not all. We’re offering two bonuses after the contest.

Yes, once you’ve written your draft, we’ll still be here, ready and excited to support and assist you. You’ll get:


👍 Free manuscript evaluation on your first 50 pages ($150 value)

👍 First 50 pages free on a future editing package: developmental edit, line edit, or copy edit (up to $560 value)

This incredible and comprehensive package is worth $1,147 dollars, but we’re giving it to you for $377.

I know. This price is crazy, right? We can keep the cost low because this is our pilot program. We will never again sell it at this price.




As a free thank you for just considering our NaNo Survival & Success program, we’ve created a free 3-day mini course to give you a head start on your NaNo planning. You’ll learn: 

To register for this free course, fill in your info below:

























Your Instructors:































Erin and Maud’s favorite part of NaNo Survival & Success is that the program’s targeted, professional guidance begins one whole month before the contest begins, and it doesn’t end until you’ve had the time you need to edit and rewrite your first draft. You can save some of your coaching sessions and use them any time through March 31, 2020. And we’re guessing you don’t want to jump right into rewrites on December 1, so you can take a breath and take a break and get started on editing when you’re ready. We’ll honor your free manuscript evaluation and your free first 50 pages of editing any time through March 31, 2020, as well. 


So, what do you say? Are you ready to take the first step? If you think it’s time to invest in yourself and your NaNo manuscript (and take advantage of this $1,147 package for only $377), then register today.








If you have any questions, email us at


And if you’re not ready, be sure to take advantage of the free course by signing up above.

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Erin Servais is a book editor, author coach, and owner of Dot and Dash LLC, an author-services company. In her decade-plus career in publishing, she has made it her focus to take the fear out of the writing and editing process, while partnering with authors to help them get their voices heard. She has developed specialties in women’s fiction, romance, young adult, and nonfiction for entrepreneurs, though she has edited just about every genre and subgenre under the sun. She has also assisted with bringing hundreds of titles to publication, including romance books that went on to be USA Today and Amazon best sellers. She has worked with a Big Five publisher and a major children’s publisher, but her favorite experiences have been working with author-entrepreneurs who self-publish their manuscripts. She finds inspiration in their independence, drive, and ingenuity and is happy that many clients go on to become her friends.


Maud Grauer is a writing expert and copy editor who graduated cum laude with English literature degree from Macalester College. She has worked previously in children’s and nonfiction publishing and has now joined the team at Dot and Dash, where she uses her gifts of explaining fiction-writing concepts in a way everyone can understand.

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