2021 Holiday Calendar for Social Media

An easy, fun, and timely way to fill your social media calendar is by posting about holidays. This list of 365 holidays includes all of the big ones, such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, and Christmas, and lots of silly ones, too, such as:

  • National Grape Popsicle Day

  • National Tattoo Story Day

  • Hug Your Cat Day

  • Howl at the Moon Night

Plus there are holidays perfect for writers:

  • National Scrabble Day

  • International Sherlock Holmes Day

  • National Talk Like Shakespeare Day

  • National Book Lovers Day

With the Dot and Dash 2021 Holiday Calendar, you will have a free and guaranteed idea for your social media posts every day of the year.

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Unlike other calendars, the Social Media Content Calendar for Writers and Romance Writers gives you specific prompts like "Fearless Friday: What’s something you were afraid of when you started writing that you’re not afraid of now?" instead of vague lines like "Talk about a subject in your book" that you've seen elsewhere. 


These calendars take the hard work out of coming up with fresh ideas every day. Instead, they help you make high-quality posts in less time, giving you more of your day to actually write.


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