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Author Coaching

Author Coaching guides you to the knowledge and clarity you need to make the right decisions for you and your book.

Here are our Author Coaching packages:

First Draft Coaching

This type of book coaching is like getting a Developmental Edit while you are writing your first draft. As you are ready, Erin will read through your new chapters and will write a report focusing on big-picture elements, along with detailed, chapter-by-chapter feedback. She will also leave comments throughout your manuscript with feedback and advice to guide you during your revisions. Then you will meet for an hour-long strategy session so you can discuss the report and plan the next steps in your manuscript. When you are ready for your next review, we will repeat this process. 


This type of coaching is best for writers who want hands-on support as they are drafting so they know they are on the right path with their story and are making the most effective choices before they complete their first draft. This is also the right choice for writers looking to produce a manuscript ready for publication or querying in a time-effective manner. The goal with this coaching is to save time in the rewriting process. 


Package includes:

  • 1-hour coaching sessions on Zoom 

  • Session follow-up reports 

  • Editorial reports 

  • Novel Planning Workbook 

  • Worldbuilding Bible 

  • Goal-Setting Workbook 


Rate: $499 for 4 sessions OR $899 for 8 sessions (10 % off) 

Reading & report fee: 

3,500 words and below = $125 per report

3,500 words and up = 3.5 cents per word

Accountability Coaching

This type of Author Coaching is perfect if you’re looking for help, motivation, empathetic support, and accountability with following through on your writing goals. Writing can be a lonely, solitary activity. Accountability Coaching gives you the productivity partner and cheerleader you need to finish your project.  


Accountability Coaching focuses on Erin’s GAS formula: 






In your weekly 30-minute Zoom session, she will help you set your weekly writing goals. For accountability, she checks in with you throughout the week and holds writing sprints to make sure you are on track and keeping the schedule she will help you set.  

Writers with ADHD find this type of coaching especially helpful, as we work on tactics and skills to help you build successful writing routines and habits. Of course, these productivity hacks are useful for anyone with focusing issues and "shiny object syndrome."  


Package includes: 

  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions on Zoom 

  • Session follow-up reports 

  • 2 + check-ins per week via email, text, or Messenger 

  • Novel Planning Workbook 

  • Worldbuilding Bible 

  • Goal-Setting Workbook 


Package options:

$499 per month (4 weekly sessions)

$899 for 2 months (10 % off)

$1,272 for 3 months (15% off)

$1,697 for 4 months (15% off) + 10% off your first round of editing

Interested in group accountability? Check out our free Writing Accountability Group.

Author Coaching

Do you have writer's block? Struggle with negative self-talk? Or do you just need advice on what to do next in your book? Erin can help. As a certified life coach specializing in working with neurodiverse writers, she can help you reframe negative self-talk and restore your self-confidence. Plus, her writing worksheets and guides will show you how to fine-tune your plot and write “The End” on your draft. 


Your hour-long Author Coaching sessions will look however you want them to. We can discuss whatever is on your mind—advice about your book, establishing your writing routine, starting your marketing, guidance about the publishing industry, or anything else writing related. 


Package includes: 

  • Hour-long coaching sessions via Zoom 

  • Session follow-up reports 

  • Review of 1,250 words (about 5 pages) with each session 

  • Novel Planning Workbook 

  • Worldbuilding Bible 

  • Goal-Setting Workbook 


Rate: $499 for 4 sessions OR $899 for 8 sessions (10 % off) 

Single Session

Sometimes a single session is the right fit. If you're feeling stuck, you're looking for specific advice, you're wanting to talk through your idea before you start drafting, or you're just wanting to try out Author Coaching, then sign up for a single session.


Package includes: 

75-minute coaching session on Zoom 

Session follow-up report 


Rate: $200 


Schedule Your Author Coaching Session

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What People Say


I need Erin in my creative life! She keeps me on track as a writer and has taught me a lot about coaching and supporting others. With her help, I'm able to maintain a high output, despite a significantly challenged schedule. She has a warm, gentle energy and a sardonic wit that makes her a joy to collaborate with!

My writing and my perspective on writing have been improved since working with Dot and Dash. Erin has a talent of letting you look at your work in an unbiased and objective way. She also gives VERY, VERY constructive feedback on several aspects of your work. As a writer, it's often not easy to trust someone with your work, but it was super easy to trust Erin. I'm so grateful we met. Thank you, Erin!


They say accountability is the glue that bonds commitment to results, and that's precisely what this group has done for me. Sharing my goals with other writers motivates me to actually achieve them, and when I fall short, the positivity and encouragement that comes from this group is unmatched. 

I love many things about the monthly Writing Accountability Group that Erin leads, but mostly its community of writers from all walks of life and new knowledge I acquire from amazing presenters. 


on the Writing Accountability Group

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