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Beta Reading

Beta Reading is often a writer's first step after they have a draft they like, though some writers use Beta Reading up until just before publication. A Beta Reader approaches your manuscript from a regular reader's perspective and will give you an evaluation about what's working and what's not in their Beta Reader report. A Beta Read is a good option for people with a smaller budget or who are looking for some general feedback before they start on their revisions prior to the editing stage. 

We have two Beta Reading packages: 

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We call this service Beta Reading Pro because your beta reader will be a professional editor or writer from the Dot and Dash team, and they will use their years of experience to give you the most in-depth beta read.

In addition to leaving comments throughout your manuscript, your beta reader will prepare a five- to ten-page Beta Reader report covering:

  • plot

  • characters

  • dialogue

  • setting

  • pace

  • opening

  • ending

Want to see what the report will look like? Download the template we use with our Beta Readers. You'll get to see the types of questions they'll answer and feedback they'll give. And even if you decide to go with an outside Beta Reader, you can give them this template to use.


Cost: $0.0097 per word

Interested in learning more? Email

Meet the team: Dot and Dash team


Our Beta Reading Basic package covers all of the fundamental categories of your manuscript, giving you high-quality advice to help you move forward to your next draft. This package is perfect if you are early on in revisions and are looking for general advice, if you want a reader's unbiased input so you can decide whether to commit more time and money into your project, or if you're looking for a budget-friendly option.

You can expect your beta reader to leave comments throughout your manuscript and prepare a three- to eight-page Beta Reader report with sections covering: 

  • plot

  • characters

  • setting

  • biggest strengths

  • where to focus during the next draft

Get a preview of what your report will look like by downloading our Beta Reading Basic report template. It's free, and you can even use it even if you choose an outside beta reader.

Cost: $0.0047 per word

Interested in learning more? Email

Meet the team: Dot and Dash team


Get our Beta Reading Pro package for your first 50 pages.


Here are some reasons why this may be the right package for you:

  • If agents like your query letter, they may ask for the first 50 pages of your manuscript. You want to make sure these pages are the best they can be and represent you as a talented writer. A First 50 Pages Beta Read will ensure your book's first few chapters are strong and exactly as good as you want them to be.

  • If you're unsure whether your future readers will like your story, get a quick gut check with a beta read on your first 50 pages. Your beta reader will give you an honest assessment of your manuscript's potential, and they'll help lead the way for the rest of your writing and revisions.

  • You've got a tight budget and you want some actionable advice about the beginning of your book that you can use throughout your manuscript.

Cost: $127

Interested in learning more? Email

Meet the team: Dot and Dash team

Beta Reading Pro
Beta Readin Basic
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